Smarter Working


Digital Transformation

Smarter working is what inTEC is all about. We’ve got years of experience of helping businesses improve the way they work through technology. We’ve helped companies of all sizes from small, local firms looking to upgrade their office devices and software through to full digital transformation programmes for large corporate organisations with several hundred employees.

Sometimes it can just be a simple ‘quick win’, such as using the technology you already own but in a more efficient way. Other times, you might need to invest in smarter solutions to improve the way you and your team work. To find out what might be the best options for your business, we offer a Smarter Working Review. We spend time looking at how you and your team do your day jobs. We aim to understand the technology and processes you use (or don’t!) every day and build a clear picture of where you are and where you need to be.

Work Smarter. Not Harder

We can offer suggestions on how your team could:
… all through smarter use of technology. Not only could these changes vastly improve the experience for your customers but also free up your key employees from unnecessary administration to work on more valuable projects.

Fragmented Applications?

A rapidly growing company can quickly become restricted by fragmented applications that don’t integrate well, including customer relationship management, job management, document storage, resource planning, web commerce and finance systems.

These challenges are not uncommon but if not addressed early, they can hinder growth and profitability in the long run as well as making day-to-day tasks overly complicated. By leaving these challenges to grow, the complexity of future change becomes increasingly difficult.

Fully Integrated Applications?

At inTEC we recognise the importance of joined-up thinking. Fully integrated applications are vital for any business now and in the future.

Why? Here are some of the key reasons:

Flexible Working

Flexible working is quickly becoming one of the most desirable benefits an employer can offer. The freedom to work wherever you want with more flexible hours is great motivation for many people. It also greatly increases your access to a wider talent pool of people as the limitations of geography and travel are lessened.

inTEC have been advocates of flexible working for some time. Since the Covid19 pandemic forced many employees to become overnight home workers, there has been a huge shift towards multi-site collaboration.

Effective Collaboration

Here at inTEC we focus on three key areas when it comes to effective collaboration in any modern business:

Microsoft Teams

One of the many ways we assist businesses is via Microsoft Teams – the ultimate collaboration platform. Microsoft Teams allows you to chat, call and collaborate all in one place. It’s for everyone.

Whether you’re completely new to Teams or looking to exploit some of its more advanced features, we can assist. Alongside bespoke training options, we can provide assistance with full Microsoft Teams implementation in your business. Discover much more here.

How can we help?

  1. Contact us today by calling +353 1 440 3685, emailing us or completing the simple form;
  2. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange an inTEC Security Audit;
  3. After completion, you’ll receive a really useful report of your IT security capabilities and vulnerabilities along with a tailored list of recommendations of how you could improve your security. If you wish to move forward with any of the suggestions, we can make them happen.

For complete peace of mind, protect your organisation’s data, assets, and reputation with inTEC. Let’s talk.