Case Study: MorriSofa Europe Limited



With their European office registered in Barrow-in-Furness, MorriSofa specialise in developing and manufacturing high-qualified upholstered sofas and the matching furnitures.

MorriSofa Europe were unhappy with their previous IT support provider as they were often billing for non-proactive work and they had ongoing service issues with them. They were keen to work with a local ‘hands-on’ company so were therefore referred to inTEC BUSINESS Ulverston by another client.


After the team from MorriSofa Europe met with inTEC BUSINESS they soon realised that not only were they able to offer a more affordable IT support package but they could also offer a full, more responsive and proactive service, including everything from hardware through to installation and support.

The inTEC team reset all of their workstations which were not working fully. In addition, they trained the MorriSofa staff in how to use SharePoint and OneDrive, hence becoming a much more cloud-focussed company.


“Highly likely to recommend inTEC BUSINESS to others.”

Rose, Operations Manager at MorriSofa Europe Limited

inTEC’s Business Services Director, Will Gardner-Brennand said:

MorriSofa came to us as their IT was more complex than it needed to be, meaning additional billing. We streamlined their business processes and made the network work around their ambitious growth plans.”


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