The inTEC virtual kitchen

Virtual Kitchen helps keep our team in touch!

The inTEC Culture Champions get lots of traction on their weekly Wellbeing Wednesday posts on Microsoft Teams, but identified that people were really missing the ad hoc informal chats that usually took place whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. With this in mind they launched the monthly inTEC Virtual Kitchen.

The inTEC Virtual Kitchen uses the Gather Platform which is an online way to feel connected with your co-workers while working remotely.  Gather combines video-calling with a 2D map allowing you to create your own custom, interactive spaces permitting people to virtually walk around the office stopping off for a chat with whomever they pass.

The Virtual Kitchen has enabled people from all sites to keep in touch during a time when they couldn’t see each other in real life.  It has been a fun way to mix without it feeling pressured or awkward because you can dip in and out.

Chairman Simon Howitt said:

“I’m really looking forward to us getting together as one team at some point in the near future. Whilst meeting up in real life has not been easy, the Virtual Kitchen has provided a real boost, especially for those people who live alone and really miss the interactions office life provides. I’ve dropped in myself and really enjoyed it, especially as there is no washing up in a Virtual Kitchen!”